The Modern GC: Lawyers as Leaders

With its first event of 2021 now complete, the GC Forum turns its attention to leadership matters. To that end, the GC Forum is delighted to welcome Ben W. Heineman, Jr., Senior Fellow, Harvard Law School and the former, long-standing, SVP, General Counsel of General Electric to speak with attendees.

Ben literally wrote the book on what it is to be a “modern” GC in “The Inside Counsel Revolution: Resolving the Partner-Guardian Tension“.

With the GC Forum, Ben will describe how the three fundamental roles of the modern General Counsel – technical expert, wise counselor, and accountable leader – help lead organizations in achieving their core mission of high performance with high integrity and sound risk management.

If you are a GC / CLO and are interested in participating, please email Peter Nguyen at peter[at]gcforum[dot]ca.

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