Wrap up: The Battle for Talent

On Tuesday, March 29, 2022, the GC Forum was delighted to have Lana Driscoll (She/Her)Christopher Sweeney and Warren Bongard from ZSA Canada come share with participants their insight and analysis of current labour market trends for (in-house) lawyers.
In a wide ranging, frank and candid conversation, Lana, Christopher and Warren shared, with close to 50 GCs/CLOs/law department leaders, their views on issues of compensation, department building and succession framed within the context of one of hottest market for lawyers ever.
Some key takeaways: titles still matter, transparency and speed of hiring is more critical than ever, and do not underestimate the impact of a hiring organization’s posture on flexible/hybrid work environment vs. “in the office 5 days a week” on a candidate’s decision to accept an offer. Thanks to the panelists and all the law department leaders that joined and shared their views!

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