Legal Operations for Canadian GCs

After a summer hiatus, the GC Forum is back!

For most of the 2000’s, the role of the GC has primarily centered around budgeting and resourcing, namely headcount management and outside counsel cost control. However, in recent years, those demands have vastly expanded to the point that the GC is expected to lead, report on, and be measured like any other business unit. This means not only understanding the field of legal operations, but moving forward in at least some of its facets, including strategic orientation, metrics/KPI’s, process overhaul, and technology assessment, selection and implementation.

Joe Milstone has been immersed in legal operations for over 20 years, dating back to his work as VP, Legal and Business Services in two public companies, and then as co-founder of Cognition and now founder of Legalyze Operations. Joe will join the GC Forum on October 1 for an engaging and interactive session where he will review legal operations trends and opportunities that are realistic, achievable, budget-sensitive, and can greatly enhance a GC’s operational efficiency, results and business leadership profile.

For GCs/CLOs interested in joining in on this discussion, please email Peter Nguyen at peter[at]

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