Wrap up: Tackling Systemic Racism

A really information GC Forum session took place today with Naveen Mehta, CLO of MESH/diversity, Sue-Lynn Noel, VP, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary of Purolator and Marlon Hylton, CEO, Innov-8 Data Counsel.

Starting from the premise that systemic racism does in fact in exist (albeit in an invisible fashion in many respects), the panelists explored the impact that systemic racism has on Black and racialized lawyers.

Sue-Lynn encouraged GCs to use their role as influencers, both within their organization’s executive teams and as primary purchaser of legal services, to effect change. Naveen made it clear that systemic racism requires a systemic response – from all actors in the system – in order to eradicate it. Marlon challenged GCs to make the same commitment and use the same creativity to solving life-threatening anti-Black racism as they would and in solving other life-threatening issues (such as COVID-19).

While there remains a lot to do, it is reassuring that with more than 30 law department leaders on the call, there is genuine interest in the GC community to change the status quo because it is simply not good enough.

Stay tuned as the GC Forum looks to expand this conversation to next logical actors in the system – law firm leaders.

Sue-Lynn Noel (upper left); Peter Nguyen (upper right); Naveen Mehta (lower left);
Marlon Hylton (lower right)

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